Friday, August 1

Today's look: #Detective Melody

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Mascara      #L'Oréal Paris 
             (Lash Architect 4D)
Eyeliner     #Bourjois 
             (Liner Pinceau)

Thursday, July 31

Today's look: Sometimes a girl needs a tiny touch of pink :)

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Shirt        #Pull&Beer  
Jeans        #Pull&Beer
Bag          #Pull&Beer
Accessoires  #H&M 
Shoes        #Pieces


Sunday, July 27

Thuis weeks STORY: a key to a #HAPPY life

Fashion is FUN
Fashion is a way of expression our identity and 
showing people who we are, or who we want to be.

i love fashion!!!!!
And i love to have fun with it... 
FAHSION makes me always sooooo HAPPY!
Isn't it for you the same?!

Although lately i was thinking about what is to me  
the real KEY to a deeply HAPPY life... 
Is it a bag, is it a coat, is it a jacket or perhaps another pair of shoes?!?!

.......So here it is
my new motto form today to achieve 
a HAPPY and succesfull life:

Each day doing (at least) 1 thing what makes me proud of myself
(AND offcourse keeping to have fun with fashion, 
cause i LOVE fashion, just like all of us do :)

What's your motto in life?

With love, 

Get the look:
Bikerjacket #Zara
Jeans       #Pull&Beer
Shoes       #Pieces
Bag         #Monki
Tshirt      #Zara
Iphonecase  #H&M

Saturday, July 26

Todays look: Happy sunSHINE!!!

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Bag          #Converse
HairProducts #Tony&Guy
             (Moisturizing Shine Spray!!)

Friday, July 25

Today's look: #Ripped my Jeans

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Shirt        #Newyorker  
Bag          #Mango
Jeans        #Monki
Accessoires  #H&M 
Shoes        #H&M

Wednesday, July 23

Today's look: LOVE #Leopard with a touch of yellow

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Skirt        #Breshka             
Bag          #Mango 
Shoes        #Sasha 

Saturday, July 19

Thursday, July 17

Today's look: #CoolSEXY

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Bikerjacket      #Zara
Accessoires      #H&M
Jeans            #Pull&Beer

Wednesday, July 16

Thuis weeks STORY: Just Do it!

I Just did it!

After many research to spot the 
perfect pair of sneakers
luckily recently i found the ONE
A unique PINK oldtimer Nike.
Easily to merge with almost everything, 

making many looks looking  
sexy, playful, fashionable and fun. 
So girls, just do it! 

Click to Buy: PINK Sneakers #Nike

Friday, July 11

Thursday, July 3

This weeks STORY: Sunday, the #NoRulesDay!

Sunday is for me the No rules-day!

#Easy Fashion #Easy Make up #Easy Mood.

Recently i discoeverd the best sunday foundation ever!

L'oreals Nude Magique Eau de Teint, 
220Golden Sand.

The best natural looking drugstore foundation,
what i found in my never ending foundation beauty research...

This beauty gives you a very clean and transparant SUNDAY look 

with a beautifull summery healthy tint
It is not very covering, but if you wish to cover more, 
just layer a few times.

Myself have a very dry skin, so i was soooo happy to discover this little treasure. 

It is covering, longlasting and not making my skin more dry
And more important also not showing the aging lines in my face, 
what is always a good thing for a girl, right? ;)

So girls YES i guess sunday it is the No Rules-day,  

with just one little tiny gorgeous rule:

Nude Magique
the new Rule of sunday!


Get the look:
Shirt           #Monki 
Foundation      #L'oreal paris 
                (Nude Magique)             
Hairproduct     #MiaFlora Argan Oil

Wednesday, July 2

Sunday, June 22

Today's look: #PRINTS Leopard versus PersianCarpet

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Bag          #MONKI
Shirt        #Pull&Beer
Shoes        #H&M 
Accessoires  #COS    

Saturday, June 21

Today's look? #Minimal ....Can you spot a little bit of PINK :) ?

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Shirt        #Newyorker              
Accessoires  #H&M
Jeans        #Monki 

Thursday, June 19

Today's look? #LOVE blue!

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Shirt        #Newyorker 
Jeans        #Monki
Hairproduct  #Tony&Guy 

Wednesday, June 18

Today's look? #Hotday #Summer #Stripes

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Shirt      #H&M trend collection
Jeans      #Sting
Bag        #Converse
Sneakers   #H&M   

Tuesday, June 17

Today's look? #AH

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Shirt         #Pull&Beer
Jeans         #Monki
Hair product  #Tony&Guy

Monday, June 16

Today's look? #SUMMER! Nature(Green)Sky(Blue)Sunny(Gold)

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Jewelry           #H&M 
Jewelry           #Pieces
Jeans              #Pull&Beer
Shoes             #Sasha shoes
Nails               #Lóreal Paris 

Sunday, June 15

Thuis weeks STORY: i'm all about #ORANGE these days...

I love the Wk Football!!
When I was a little girl I always watched the game with my dad.

I enjoy watching the matches, 

but I also love the idea how every one in the world becomes ONE 
during this fantastic month of world play.

Today it's a big game for the Dutch Orange team.

So I created a sexy sporty orange look,

to go out with my friends and watch the match.

This WK 2014- look was just styled in 10 minutes, 

with a very little amount of money.

The transparent top is just 2euro. Nail Color 1.5euro. Cap 2euro.

Ready to go!

Wear a strapless push-up BH when wearing a transparant top.
Looks so much more elegant!

And now fingers crossed... Hopefully ORANGE is the colour of this day!
 Let's do this! 

Get the look:
Jeans     #Monki
Sneakers  #Converse

Sunday, June 1

Todays look: #PINK!!!!

my fav #Magnum PINK

 My FAV colour The girls are out #Essie

Colour Members only #L'oreal
     My fav colour 3Chanel PINK Tonic 619

Less budget?! 
No prob at all!